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Hi there!  My name is Helen Tilbury & I have been papercrafting for 12 years.
I first discovered scrapbooking in 2003, completely by chance, when my daughter 
was invited by a friend to attend a holiday workshop.  She created a very simple 
paper-pieced single page & the moment I saw it I was intrigued!  I loved the
 thought of combining pretty papers with photographs & creating a piece of art.  

Currently I am designing for Prima Marketing in America, 
7Dots Studio & Studio 75 in Poland,
 Owner/Manager/Designer Scrap Around The World.

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  I love blogging regularly, sharing tips, tricks & tutorials with my 
readers as well as hosting guest designers & giveaways!

Please get in touch if you would like to take a workshop in my home in
Durban or at your store by emailing me at scrapaddict {at} telkomsa {dot} net


I signed up for lessons & had fun learning the basics of scrapbooking

 "Zimbabwean style" {similar to typical South African style but with single pages}
 on a weekly basis for a year or so until I got consumed by the packing up 
& emigrating process & getting settled in South Africa.  

As soon as the last box was unpacked & I had stopped getting lost on the highways

  I was ready to throw myself back into scrapbooking & hunted down a scrap store
 that was local to where I was living then, & unfortunately has now closed.  
They allowed me to create there regularly due to a lack of space at home, 
as well as to attend a weekly Saturday class. 

That came to an end when I relocated to  another home where  finally I had a room

 to call my own -  my first studio.  By now I had produced a lot of pages & moved
 over to "doubles"  { I was told that was how it should be done...}   I really loved
 my new found hobby & my love for it was growing in leaps & bounds.  I started 
reading all I could about it & subscribing to international magazines.  I saw many, 
many single pages & began questioning events- based scrapbooking as I realised
 that honestly, I was never going to actually scrapbook all the photos that I took. 

 I made peace with that by deciding that photo albums were designed for storing

 all the photos I wanted to keep & scrapbook albums were there for me to have
 FUN!   From that point onwards I started to really ENJOY no pressure creating, 
using ANY photos that called out to my mood at the time - it was a wonderful
 release from the guilt of being forever BEHIND & finally I could RELAX
 & just enjoy the process & experiment with ART! 

 I started my blog in 2007 after hearing the term from Stacey Julian & thinking
 that the whole concept sounded AMAZING!!  With NO CLUE as to how to 
send an email let alone BLOG I decided I would work it out with the help 
of Google.  Well it was certainly challenge I had set myself but one I
 have never regretted despite a fair amount of tears!  It opened my eyes
 to the international world of on-line scrapbooking, a world I did not know 
even existed, which led to a  long journey of self discovery searching for
 my signature style.   Anyone serious about this craft will be mind-blown
 by the possibilities, resources & inspiration that exist on-line.  

Over the 7+ years that I have been blogging not only have I found my style

 & put in over my 10 000 hours (what "they"say you need in terms of working
 hours to become an expert) but I have connected with people around the world
 & made a vast number of friends, colleagues & acquaintances, several of whom
 I have met up with in real life.  One of the most fun by-products of blogging!!

My style is  layered/mixed-media/collage  that swings between 
romantic/ shabby & grunge, which is necessary in order to create 
both masculine & feminine pages.  

I have enjoyed many online accolades & publications as well as having
worked for dozens of international companies & guest designed for
some amazing places too.  You  can view my full resume HERE.  

My latest venture has been starting my own international scrapbooking 
challenge site - Scrap Around The World HERE, which I launched in May 2013.  
After working for many different challenge sites & making such a lot of online
 friends & contacts through the Design Teams I have been on I decided it
 was time I began my own challenge site & gave back to the community
 that taught me everything I know about scrapbooking. 

 I leapt in & spent the first year gasping for air as I learnt the ropes! 

 SATW is now the best place to play online, with US$230 worth of 
sponsored prizes monthly & an international team of 24 of the best 
& most talented designers from all around the world.  

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