About Us

We are Helen Tilbury & Denise Van Deventer, friends who met online & bonded
 over the love of scrapbooking!  We want to bring you fresh ideas & new ways
 of doing things, interesting concepts, exclusive products & introduce you 
to a way of scrapbooking that is free, artistic & therapeutic.  

Create something that not only looks good
 but makes you feel awesome too!

Scrapbook for yourself...
Scrapbook for your soul ♥


1)  We both have accumulated a vast array of stash, much of

which we no longer use, so  thought it decided to style our
 extra supplies into exclusive kits for resale at great prices!

2)  We both wanted to take on a low capital outlay local project

for the sake of being involved with like minded people where
we live.   We are both full of ideas & enthusiasm to encourage
 change & a broader outlook within the paper-crafts arena  
in South Africa.  We share a similar work ethic, life balance
 & scrapbooking ethos.  It makes perfect sense that we
combine our knowledge, skills & direction.

 3)  We want to  "Be the Change I want to see in the World" & desire

diversity of the local paper-crafts industy into more of an art form
 where individuals can express themselves in their own way
 without being bound by a traditional format & have the
 courage to spread their wings & explore new territory!

4)  We plan to cover the basics of good design, white space & simple

 techniques (as internationally the basis of scrapbooking is on 
enjoying the process while still ending up with a great result, 
not bogging yourself down with complicated techniques
 that often result in a "heavy"page).  

5.  In short we hope to make back a bit of all the money we've
spent on art supplies over the years, find them a good home
& offer a good service & some fresh ideas!

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  1. What a splendid idea. Every good wish for the success of your venture. Love the fresh, clean look of your blog :D


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